Greetings! My name is E.J. D'Agrosa and I am an avid reader, writer, and an inquisitive mind. I love learning and wisdom and it was that love that spurred me to start this site The Historical Reader. This Blog is my "one-man show", a place to read great books of history, philosophy, religion, etc. It is a place to expand our knowledge of the world and our history and to shed the old prejudices and ignorance that are born out of closing one's mind.

I initially founded this site in 2014, and through the years I have gone through many changes and thoughts on the direction of this Blog.

The main reason for The Historical Reader is to get people reading and talking about great books again, and more importantly get people to think critically about them. Sadly, modern political debates today often devolve into ranting and end with the parties screaming insults at each other. The days of Bill Buckley's Firing Line has regressed into Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. One of the things that I wanted to attempt to do is to revive civil discourse.

The Historical Reader is ad-free, and is largely supported by it's readers. The more people who read and share its content the bigger it will get. I will never pander people for donations, but if you feel so inclined to, I would greatly appreciate any donation from $1-$100.

I hope you enjoy this site and all of its content, and please do not be shy. Leave a comment, join the discussion.


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