Saturday, February 13, 2016

Welcome to The Historical Reader

Welcome lovers of history and wisdom!

You have stumbled upon The Historical Reader, a Blog for people who love learning and enjoy good discussions on the things that matter most. There will be book reviews, thought-provoking articles, interesting news sharing gathered from all around the Internet, audio/video webcasts, and much more.

The aim of The Historical Reader is to revive reading of "old books" and restore healthy civil discussion and critical thinking.

It is an optimistic, and hopeful site unlike other "news sites" that constantly dwell on the negative and breed cynicism. It is a site for people who are open-minded and willing to get outside of their comfort zones of what they think they know. It will challenge everyone's views. It transcends ideology and tries to resurrect ideas.

The Historical Reader is completely ad-free and is 100% reader supported. If you would like to donate to The Historical Reader it would be greatly appreciated.

Whether you are here by accident or intention, The Historical Reader is glad to meet you. I hope you make yourself at home and join me in the many discussions that will take place here.

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